About us


During the summer of ’95, with perfect goldsmith craftsmanship, the tradition of crafting golden jewelry was continued under the name "Jewelry store Tanaskovic". Knowledge of old and experienced goldsmiths were passed down to Goran Tanaskovic as a young and perspective man who wants to maintain the spirit of the old goldsmith’s craft.

With a good knowledge of the old craft, production and repairs of gold products, he is also a craftsman of modern age. In fact, he is a young man who loves and has to follow the current trend on the market, which means that you can find products from old traditional jewelry to the modern jewelry of contemporary design in jewelry Tanaskovic. In certain cases and if needed, we can make handmade pieces of jewelry, if that is your wish.

Since we are in the market of very low purchasing power, jewelry Tanaskovic is trying with its prices to meet with needs of every customer with different financial status.

The best way to make yourself sure in all of this is to come and visit us.

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